Frequently Asked Auestions

How can I activate my licenses?

Open Navisworks®, then select the iConstruct tab in the ribbon. Click on the Licensing button, enter your License code in the registration window and select Activate. For activating the license you need to have internet connection.

How can I release my license?

When using a cloud license, closing Navisworks® will automatically return the iConstruct license seat. However, you may wish to continue using Navisworks® whilst making your license available to others. To manually release a license, go to the iConstruct tab in the ribbon. Click on the Licensing button, select Deactivate in the iConstruct Registration Window.

Can I check the licenses usage?

Yes, you can check current and all-time usage. Go to iConstruct tab in the ribbon and select the Licensing icon. Click on the Info button in the registration window.

I’m missing tools from my iConstruct panel?

You might notice some missing tools from the menu after changing the profile or updating the software. iConstruct offers you to manage visible modules in your profile by checking/unchecking them in the Security Settings. Go to the bottom of the iConstruct menu, click on the cog icon (Security Setting), click OK and check relevant modules.

Where can I find BIMflow?

If you can’t find BIMflow application under your programs in Start menu, please go to the following location on your computer and launch BIMflow. "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Navisworks Manage 2020\Dependencies\iConstruct.Client.Startup.exe"

Why has my BIMflow stopped working?

Change in model structure, data or even location are the normal cause for a BIMflow to stop working when no changes have been made to the BIMflow. Data can be checked during a BIMflow using the ‘WriteLine’ activity to display data in the progress window.

Why am I receiving out of memory error?

This indicates Navisworks® has reached the limitation of your system RAM. A workaround for this error is to process smaller sections of the model or even use ReConstruct to cut the model into a size able to be processed.

Why is the user data tab not appearing?

Properties can be applied at many different levels in a model (Object or Group) however most models will have data applied at either the last level or the group directly above. If your data isn’t appearing, check levels above or below in the selection tree.