General Configuration

The General Configuration interacts with a range of toolsets and some of the default display settings.

After you open and begin to edit the General Configuration, like with most of the other configuration options in iConstruct, you should select a sample of objects in the model that represents the data/property names you wish to look for.


Select a few items (or the entire model if desired), click on the Get NW Properties button.

"Step 1"


This will then provide you with some general configuration options, which may require an attribute and property for each option. These options include:

Default Data Tab:

The default data tab to write data to when running commands through iConstruct. Please note the default data tab must be a writable tab. Only an Attribute value is required and no Property value.

"Step 2"

Clash Report Property:

The custom property you wish to have for each element in iConstruct’s view report. This information could be internal data of the object or any external data that has been brought into the model through Data Links (see Clash Report).

Info Bin Property:

The property name used for Info Bin folders where drawings and other files are stored related to selected objects in the model. If an object is selected and the Info Bin icon pressed, it will search for the Info Bin folder associated with this defined property. If no Info Bin folder exists, iConstruct will prompt you to create one.

Allows you to import or select a company or project logo to display on iConstruct’s report output as a default unless specified on other templates.

Default Report Address:

Allows you to enter a company address or custom text field to be displayed at the header of iConstruct’s report output as a default unless specified on other templates.

Default iConstruct Font and Size:

Allows you to choose the default font and size to be used in the iConstruct interface and dialogue boxes.

iConstruct Scale Mode:

This setting will determine whether the dialogue boxes and the text displayed are rescaled depending on the resolution settings. This option should be used if the users are having issues with the visibility of the dialogue boxes.

Note: By default, this setting should be set to Font Size, and set to Off if the user is having issues viewing the interface.