The following steps will show you how to set up the Model Compiler.


Model Compiler only works properly when the model folder structure is designed exactly as shown below. Please configure your folder structure accordingly.

"Step 1"


  • The Excel file Project List.xlsx needs to be stored in the Root Folder (detailed structure described in Step 2).
  • Each Project should have its own separate folder e.g. Project A, Project B, Project C, Project D.
  • Each area in a project can have its own folder e.g. Area 1, Area 2, Area 3.
  • Each model in an Area can have its own folder e.g. Navis Model – Area 1 – A.nwd, Navis Model – Area 3 – B.nwd, Navis Model – Area 3 – C.nwd.
  • In each project folder there is a Reference folder containing ProjectLayout.pdf, SiteLocation.jpg (recommended resolution is 415 x 481 pixels) or SiteLocation.txt. Note: file names are not changeable.

"Step 1" "Step 3"

Example of SiteLocation.jpg with recommended resolution of 415 x 481 pixels and SiteLocation.txt with longitude and latitude location information.


It’s crucial that the Excel file Project List.xlsx has the same columns as in the below example. Empty columns will be replaced with the first available value in above rows. (i.e. rows 3-5 will all be considered in the project Project A). File Location is relative to the location of the Excel file (Root Folder).

"Step 4"

Quick Overview:

Set up the folder structure ➤ Configure an Excel file