Merge Contents of Inserts: The geometry for the insert is combined into one object and the first returned property set is applied to the new joined object.

Export NWD Level: Instead of regrouping the model, each group is exported as a separate NWD. Useful for batch-generating workpacked models. For faster preformance and better control with bigger models use BIMflow.




Merge Contents of Groups: The geometry for the group is combined into one object and the first returned property set is applied to the new joined object.

Ignore File Nodes: When directly exporting a selection (ie without nominating a grouping level), this will avoid replicating the original file node as the top-level node in the new NWD hierarchy.

Support Sections: Support Sections allows the user to slice geometry by section planes when exporting with reconstruct.

Include Lines: 2D linework will be included in the exported NWD.

Break Meshes: Break Mesh allows geometry to be broken down if that item is made up from primitive geometry shapes.


Create Item Guid: It creates Guid property for all items that does not have it. If a Guid exists on the item, it will be copied over.

Convert Revit Values: It converts the Revit Property units to the current display units when exporting new NWD file.

Convert values to Text: Format all data to text. Properties may have its data type changed part way through a model (ie a number changes to text). This can cause issues when reporting and/or using other functions. This checkbox re-format properties to text.

Prefix User Data with: It adds prefix to the name of the all user data tabs.


Turbo Mode: Faster way of reconstructing; ensure you save the model before this feature is applied as it will be closed automatically after export.

Default Group Name: Nominated default group name for items without a group. If this is not ticked, ungrouped items will be ‘loose’ in the model.

Include/Exclude Tabs/Properties during ReConstruct:

Include/Exclude ticked property tabs from the exported model.


Change Tab to Hidden:

Hides the nominated tabs. Useful for models with many data tabs that are handy to keep but not essential. Tabs can be made visible using the Navisworks Option Interface -> Developer -> Show Internal Properties.



ReConstruct's Rename option allows you to perform simple find & replace operations on tab and/or property names. Learn more about it in the Rename article.


Zone Slicer

Zone Slicer feature provides the ability to slice up a model by zone into separate NWD files. Learn more about it in the Zone Slicer article.

"Zone Slicer"