Security Settings

iConstruct’s toolsets and configuration menus that are available to users can be customised and saved to a user’s profile using iConstruct’s security option. This enables management to control and monitor which toolsets are available to the users.


To begin the customisation of a selected profile, the approved user/administrator will need to click on the toolbar at the bottom of the main iConstruct window and click the Security Settings icon.

"Security 1"


This will prompt the user with a dialogue box to set a password to protect the customisation that is about to be made. If you do not wish to set the password, just click OK.

"Security 2" "Security 2"

Note: If the password needs to be changed, check the box change password. You will then need to enter the old password before the new one is accepted.


After a password has been established (or not), the iConstruct security option menu will appear. As a user/administrator, you will then be able to select which tools and configuration settings are made available to users of that profile.

"Security 2"


Amendments can be made at any time by entering the established password when prompted,making the necessary changes and clicking OK.

Quick Overview:

Go to iConstruct menu ➤ Click on Security Settings icon ➤ Click OK ➤ Check specific tools ➤ Click OK