User Interface

iConstruct is a plug-in to Navisworks. To open the iConstruct application, select the iConstruct icon from the iConstruct tab inside Autodesk Navisworks ribbon.

"User interface 1"

By clicking the iConstruct 2022 button, a new iConstruct menu will open. When the application opens, you have the option to pin the toolbar open and or dock into the side control bars of Autodesk Navisworks. If you close the iConstruct window you will need to re-open it through the Tools menu. Note that when the iConstruct window is closed it will remember its position and size the next time the application is launched.

"Standard Tools"

Standard Tools

With installation of iConstruct, you will have a Standard tools and General configuration tab. The Standard tools are a basic set of tools you can use right away which requires no setup. While the General configuration tools are features that require set up and configuration for your use.

This allows management/consultants to establish customized profiles to suit organizational, team, or project standards.

"General config tools"

General Configuration Tools

Quick Overview:

Go to iConstruct tab ➤ Click on iConstruct 2022